Low Cut Black Woolen Felted Boots for men and women

Woolen felted boots in Danish Design felted by hand in high quality at our own workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.
We are certified Fair Trade importerswhich should give us all a better feeling.

1 pair of shoes = half a days work in Nepal.

All woolen footwear from betterfelt.com is felted in one piece of 100% pure sustainable and natural wool, and for outdoor use we mount a slip safe sole of natural rubber. The shoes are made with no heel, for healthy walking, all year round.

We use pure sustainable raw materials, and our wool still contain the natural lanolinwhich makes them best wearing on bare feet. In this way you utilize the wools ability to absorb the moist, and release it again. Keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Wool can absorb a huge amount of moist. 10 times more than polyester and up to a third of its own weight.
That's why we recommend that you wear our woolen footwear on bare feet. Without stockings.
Simply air the boots between use.

The lanolin in our felted woolen shoes protects against dirt and bad odeurs
The natural lanolin is coating each fiber protecting against dirt and smell. Should your shoes get dirty you will usually be able to beat out the dirt and dust. Otherwise they can actually be washed by hand.

(Lanolin is the natural tallow/grease from the hair follicle which coat each single wool fiber.
A surprisingly strong compound which enables the sheep to keep their fur clean and dry on the fields.)

So many of our customers declare themselves addicted to our woolen slippers. - Now you are warned;-)
You will likely use them every day, thus their high durability is so important.

Get woolen footwear in several colors and models in all sizes from 5 -16.

Information about Betterfelts woolen shoes

All betterfelt products are plastic free.

Upper Material:
Pure 100% natural felted wool, that still contains lanolin. Please note that all the shoe including the bottom is felted in one piece.

Sole Material:
Natural rubber. (Natural rubber dissolve in oil based solvents like gazoline, diesel etc.) Please note that our felt shoes are felted in one piece. Thus the in-soles are also felt wool bottom soles

All our sustainable products are manufactured from natural raw materials without harmful additives, and they all comply to both EU and US legislation (REACH).

Our felted wool (also called boiled wool) shoes can be washed (carefully and at your own risk) by hand at max 30°C. Use a hair shampoo or wool shampoo. Dry the shoes on a towel turning the soles upward. Wool will start felting (shrink) when massaged in hot water. Avoid therefor to rub your slippers during washing.

Betterfelt offers a wide range of sustainable felt wool shoes, felt wool sandals, felt wool slip on, felt wool boots, felt wool espadrilles, all wool shoes, boiled wool shoes, felt wool loafers, in pure wool for men and women at low prices.

Betterfelt.com - You have never felt better!

Low Cut Woollen Felted Boot for men and women - Dark Blue

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